NASA And Russia Received Three Detailed Messages From Alien Planet

NASA and Russia were the first to get them and the findings are beginning to baffle scientists. When astronomers first felt the spike in radio signals from a distant star, they were all too excited.

The sources of this signal came from the sun-like star called HD 164595. Not exactly a catchy name but that’s not the point here. This star is from constellation Hercules nearly 95 light years away.

Seti scientists hope to hear more from the star by using the Allen Telescope Array, a huge system that can be used to look for messages that indicate alien intelligence.

It was pointed towards the star over the weekend but has not as yet found any signal. “However, we have not yet covered the full range of frequencies in which the signal could be located, if it’s of far narrower bandwidth than the Russian 1 GHz receiver,” Seti wrote.


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