Grim Reports: Israel To Russia 'We Will Bring The Whole World Down With Us If We Have To'

Disturbing reports from Russia and Israel seem to suggest that the Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, has completely taken leave of his senses while attempting to deal with a number of captured Mossad agents. A hijacked boat was captured in the Arctic Sea during a joint United States-Russian mission, and a number of rogue CIA and Mossad agents were detained. But when Netanyahu travelled to Russia to try and sort out the embarrassing incident, he only made things worse.

In a move that Russian Foreign Ministry officials have described as an ‘unprecedented breach of international protocol, ’ Netanyahu smuggled himself into Russia earlier this week aboard a private jet which was supposed to be travelling to Tbilisi, the capital of the central Asian country of Georgia. However, at the last moment the plane was observed to changed flight paths and suddenly made with great speed towards Moscow. The plane then landed at the Kubinka air base in Moscow where the passengers were met by a hastily assembled reception committee of FSB agents and Russian and Israeli diplomatic officials.

The Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev received Netanyahu at his offices the same day and was shocked to find himself on the receiving end of a furious diatribe from the Israeli Prime Minister. It is alleged that Netanyahu demanded that ‘immediate return’ of ‘all documents, equipment and Mossad agents’ that were seized in the Arctic Sea operation. Prime Minister Medvedev said that the incident was still being investigated and it simply wasn’t possible to release anything relating to the operation at this current time.

We bring the whole world down with us

It was at this point that Netanyahu completely lost his temper with the Russian Prime Minister and proceeded to issue a number of inexplicable and hysterical threats.
He said that if Israel was threatened that they would ‘bring the whole world down with us’ and bizarrely told Medvedev that he shouldn’t be surprised in the future if he saw ‘mushroom clouds of Tehran’. The Israeli Prime Minister then reportedly stomped from the room, leaving Russian officials completely flummoxed at his odd and highly erratic behaviour.
Upon returning to Israel, Netanyahu was immediately questioned by the local media about his extraordinary antics, and he promptly denied that he had even been to Russia. However, reports of the Prime Minister’s travels to Moscow were confirmed by a senior government official in Jerusalem.

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