These Megalithic Blocks Are The Proof For A Giant Civilization In Russia

When most people think of giants, they think of myth. They think of Hagrid, the half-giant in Harry Potter. They think of the thundering sound of “FE FI FO FUM.” They think of the cyclops and other giants based in Greek mythology. Most do not think that Giants could have ever existed. There may, however, be evidence to the contrary.

Ancient Giants Once Lived in Russia?

Lore of giants exists all over the world, from Russia to South America; historians have found stories about giant beings. Even the bible has recorded stories about ancient giants. How can these civilizations that had no contact with each other create similar myths if there wasn’t something to base it on?

Researchers have been studying large rock formations, particularly in Russia. There are formations that are stacked in a brick-like a pattern, that tower thousands of feet in the air. Each “brick” is estimated to weigh a minimum of three tons, and up to five tons.

It would not be possible to move these bricks as humans. There is also other evidence of giant beings inhabiting the earth, such as large bowls made out of brick, and towers of stacked cylindrical rocks. Currently, scientists are looking for a logical explanation as to how these creations were formed. It seems unlikely that this phenomenon was caused by erosion.

Is it possible that there were ancient beings that were, in fact, giant? Many scientists say no that it is not possible, but it seems that there is no other explanation. If these beings did exist, it raises many questions scientists are not prepared to answer. Would these giants have been a human hybrid, or another species altogether? Is it possible that these are extraterrestrial beings, and that they started the foundations for human civilization? Until there is a solid explanation for these strange formations, the greatest question will still exist. Did giants walk upon the Earth?


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