Reports Of Demons And Vampires Lurking Haunted Highgate Cemetery

We often hear reports of ghosts haunting people's homes or some other random place, with photographic evidence or even in video form to back it up.

These ghostly manifestations have been appearing for centuries now, and some of the most classic haunted places are graveyards.

One of the world's most haunted graveyards is found in London. The London’s Highgate Cemetery has been around for 117 years now, and it could very well have it's own library of spooky tales.

From ghost, demons, vampires and several other supernatural entities can be found in this Victorian era resting place.

It was the resting place of many noblemen and powerful individuals, but as the 20th century began following with the second World War, the cemetery was left abandoned and began to fall in ruin.

Some decades later, strange things began happening there. Strange cults began conducting rituals, many troubled souls like the ghost of a "Mad Old Lady", reports of a vampire wandering the cemetery that created panic among the locals and even made into newspapers.

Watch the video to know more!

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