Is The Top Secret Society Illuminati Real?

Conspiracy theorists claim the top secret society the Illuminati is real, there are those who believe this secret society doesn’t exist anymore or never existed. Is the top secret society Illuminati real?

Because i have published many articles and videos about the Illuminati. All the time I gave hints, unfortunately no one has seen it. I promised myself to write this article as a gift, so you go into a new year with new knowledge about Illuminatus. If you are not open to learn or you are not flexible in order to accept what you have learned is probably wrong. You better stop reading.

Why Should This Top Secret Society Not Exist?

What you can not see, you do not believe. This is how an average person thinks, without performing own research. I call it stubborn, in denial and certainly not in position to have an opinion about it.

Nobody believed the Sicilian mafia was real, also known as Cosa Nostra meaning “Our Thing”. People ridiculed them “Poor people, so much power? Stop this conspiracy theory”. The genesis of Cosa Nostra is hard to trace because mafiosi are very secretive and do not keep historical records of their own. In fact, they have been known to spread deliberate lies about their past, and sometimes come to believe in their own myths. Waves of emigration followed, the Mafia has spread world wide. Now we suddenly believe, yet people have doubts about the Illuminati.


Skull and Bones was once a secret society, today we know they are still active. We even know names. Now we suddenly believe, yet people have doubts about the Illuminati.

The NSA was once secret, later this government owned organization became public. We know that Area 51, Bildebergers or Satanism is real, yet people have doubts about the Illuminati.

Again, what you can not see, you do not believe.

Is The Illuminati Real?

The Illuminati exists. This secret society was different than the modern Illuminati. It used to be a kind of sect. Today, a survival attempt for celebrities in need of a career boost. Flashing hand gestures that are totally unrelated to the original Illuminati. It’s more related to Freemasonry.

Is the Illuminati real? Yes, in fact the Illuminati is the dollar. Apart from the fact that it is literally depicted on the dollar. Everyone who owns it, controls the world. The dollar dominates the global economy. Everyone who owns it, dominates the global economy. Don’t you own it, then you are a slave to the dollar until your death.

The video ‘Leader of the Illuminati Exposed’, explains how the corrupt trade network works and who the real leader is.

The dollar represents the Illuminati. If you think a little, with each incident, until centuries ago —the dollar was always present. Mostly as a motive but also as a weapon. This is why there is so many networks around the dollar.

War is Money

The CIA could practice well during the probationary period of MKUltra. The media (Social Media Too) is owned and used by the CIA as tool to create fear and hatred among nations. To create wars, because war is money. It’s calledOperation Gladio B. Guess who is now entitled to the Syrian oil? The richest man on earth, Jacob Rothschild.

Lions Ground


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