Is Hindu God Shiva An Alien?

At the city Aurangabad in the Indian state of Maharashtra are the caves of Ellora. Cave 16, known as the Kailasa temple is dedicated to Hindu god Shiva.

The temple is twice as high as the Parthenon in Athens. Archaeologists suspect that the structure from top to bottom is carved out of the rocks. Some historians have said that during the construction a total of 400,000 tonnes of rock has been removed. The temple would be built in just 18 years.

“Even with the technologies available today, such a thing is not possible,” says founder of Phenomenal Places Praveen Mohan.

Hard to Believe

Engineer AV Srinivasan find it hard to believe that the temple was built in only 18 years. “Even now it’s hard to imagine. Based on the amount of rock that is removed you would expect that the whole process took about a century, “he says.

Another remarkable fact is that hundreds of thousands of tons of rock were removed and they can’t be found anywhere, said Professor Deepak Shimkhada of the Claremont School of Theology. “Where is all that remained stuff?” He asks.


Mohan points out that the Vedas refers to a machine that could be change rock literally in the air. Among the caves of Ellora are tunnels according to local authorities, leading to a huge underground city.

Some theorists believe that this ancient city was once an alien base and the Indian god Shiva is an alien.


If aliens were responsible for building the structure or alien technology was used for building has not been proven, but can’t be ruled out at the same time. It could also be a matter of lack of knowledge we have about our history. Maybe there were highly intelligent people before, a global decastere forced us to start over again. For some reason we think of ourselves as exclusive species.

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