Harvard Museum Is Going To Display The Famous Feejee Mermaid

Mermaids have always been considered to be fishermen’s tales, brought to the mainland through deprived minds that wistfully imagined human contact. It is believed that most of the so-called mermaid sightings were manatees or dolphins, rather than the beautiful human hybrids that sailors said they were.

The discovery channel, however, released footage of what looked to be a mermaid in a documentary. The video depicts a very blurry image of what could be a face, but a very clear image of what seems to be a five-fingered webbed hand. Some of the proof for this documentary is the dolphins that would help the fishermen capture more fish. It was claimed that the fishermen could not have taught the dolphins how to do this, but that a civilization of mermaids would be stupid to not utilize the dolphin’s intelligence.

Harvard Mermaid Exhibit

This mermaid craze is not anything new to the human race, however. Some may remember the Feejee mermaid. This mermaid was a very popular tourist attraction which bounced from museum to museum. It has a place in history textbooks, but it was also featured on the x-files. This “mermaid” is not a mermaid at all, but the torso and skull of a monkey, and the tail of a large fish, constructed by a Japanese artist.

The artist had a knack of combining fish and animal parts together, and he is even rumored to have used human parts. These gruesome creations were sold as mermaids sometimes, but mostly they were just sold to people who happened to like that sort of thing.


The Feejee mermaid made its way to the United States on a Dutch ship. When the merchants arrived at the states, they sold this mermaid to an American man for a hefty price, claiming that it was a real mermaid, found on the Fiji islands.

The Harvard Museum will soon have the Feejee mermaid on display. They say that they will not be presenting the being as a mermaid, but as it is. They hope to show people what was capable so long ago and how this story got around. It should show viewers how creative and gruesome the human mind can be, and also how easily manipulated. It will be a statue to valid information and constantly checking sources.

Harvard seems proud to have acquired the Feejee mermaid as an exhibit, and it is certain to draw a crowd.

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