Giant A-Bomb Shaped Flash Lightens Up The Night Sky Over The Caribbean Sea

A mysterious bright light was caught on video on a video surveillance camera over the Caribbean. Some scientists are claiming that it is a jellyfish sprite. This type of sprite is the largest of all in both width and length.

Giant A-Bomb Shaped Flash Lightens Up The Night Sky Over The Caribbean Sea

People have seen sprites for as long as humans have had documentation. Scientist, however, did not believe that these sprites just appeared out of nowhere. It was first thought that these sightings were simply visions of tired, hungry or troubled minds.

Lightning Sprite? Or Alien?

Within the last hundred years with cameras and the ability to catch these apparitions on tape, many scientists now accept the sprites as real. They explain them as lightning that is formed in unusual shapes.

As it is seen in the video below, however, it seems that this “lightning” is in a mostly cloudless sky. It could be that the lightning lit up the entire area that the storm was in, but many believe that this is not the case.

Conspiracy theorists have chalked this sighting up as an alien space ship. It would make sense for the lights to flash in a way that is similar to lightning if it is a species that has visited before and wanted to camouflage itself. It is shaped roughly like the normal depiction of an alien spacecraft, or a saucer.

Many explanations exist for this video, but it is true that the sight itself is eerie. The way it lights up the entire sky is shocking, and the fact that the viewer can clearly see the stars in the sky indicating that it is a clear night is also shocking.

One must see for themselves before one can truly make a decision about the issue. Watch the video and make a decision. Is this alien? Is this natural? Or is this something else altogether?


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