Curiosity Rover Photo Reveals A Crashed Artificial Object On Mars

Mars has been at the forefront many times in the past when it comes to the possibility of alien life. There have been movies about life on Mars practically since tv was invented. The planet captures our imaginations as well as stirs our dreams of one day visiting the small body dubbed with the name of Mars, the Roman God of war.

Possible alien craft located on Mars

Scientists and government officials have told us in the past that the face on Mars we all remember was just lighting and tricks in our mind making us believe something that isn't there, like seeing a face or some other earthly figure in a cloud. That happens, but the face on Mars seems too real to deny. The sunk in eyes, the nose, the mouth, and even the chin are all features that are well remembered. Now we are once again focusing on a new feature on the red planet.

Images taken show certain features that are undeniable. Squares perfectly cut grooves, and even a perfect circle appear on this object that doesn't look like anything around it. This object may generate even more excitement that the well-known face above.

What is this 'thing' on Mars?

Will it be said once again that it is a trick of the eyes and mind? Will it be said that it is only a fallen piece of one of our satellites?

It's up to each man, woman or child to make up his or her mind but the evidence is pretty tough to overlook or dismiss. I for one have never trusted government officials who I believe also influence what scientists tell us or don't tell us. Perhaps some light will be shed on this subject shortly. Perhaps we will get a clear and undisputable answer to our many questions that never seem to get answered. Answers that are always just out of reach. Until then.

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