Alarming Discovery: UFO Hunter Films Massive Alien Fleets Orbiting The Sun

NASA Satellites have been observing alien fleets orbiting the sun. Yes, alien fleets!

This is also supported by UFO hunters. The Alien fleets are reported to be flying near the Earth, going towards the sun in tactical formation. This gave heads up to some researchers who have claimed that maybe our sun is a massive stargate which is being used by alien civilisations. This discovery was made by Streetcap1 who is a UFO hunter.

Streetcap1 examined and analysed the images which were captured by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Satellite, also known as SOHO. This satellite is in orbit around the L1 gravitational point which is between the sun and earth and is used to look out for important information in the Sun.

The European Space Agency and NASA have worked together on this SOHO project. The UFO hunter, Streetcap1 has claimed that the pictures which are captured by the SOHO satellite show a huge alien fleet of UFO's which are heading towards the sun.

The fleet has been appeared to be travelling in a formation, which would be something like an organised military fleet. Streetcap1 believes that after his experience with UFO fleets, he is in no doubt at all that this fleet is a reality. Another UFO hunter, Scot Warring, has also accredited the efforts of Streetcap1.


Even Scot believes that this is something unique, something he has never seen before. Waring also believes that due to the immense size of the fleet, "something big is about to happen." He believes that the Aliens do know that we, humans, are here, and we exist, but they just ignore us as they are possibly more technologically advanced than us.

Some doubters are still examining the picture in further depth so look for malfunctions like dead pixels and processing errors. But, UFO hunters disagree that there might be any errors present.

Even in the past, there have been many anomalies which seemed to be present near the sun. The following video shows how the Sun is a Stargate:

Disclose TV


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