65 Million Year Old Pyramid Discovered In Crimea With A Crowned Mummy

History can be learned a lot by reading ancient records left by our ancestors, enabling us to learn how the cultures and societies of an older age originated, and to learn how those were established.

However, we know but a small portion of prehistory times, with the studying of fossils and other vestiges left by the first humans.

Uunknown mummified creature bearing a crown

They might have been technologically advanced in some form, perhaps even more advanced than what we are today. From time to time, artifacts are uncovered that when analysed it gives dates that go back millions of years.

We can guess that probably there were very advanced civilizations that were left forgotten, and we can barely find some vestiges of them, but when we do, it's mind blowing. One of the most mindblowing finds is the oldest pyramid ever found.

It dates back 65 million years, and inside they found something unbelievable.

An unknown mummified creature bearing a crown on its head! Watch the video to learn more!

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