You Won’t Believe What’s Happening Right Now

If you have never heard the term “we are living in the latter days”–a term that prophecies about a time period that will occur at the very end of our age—then it’s about time you’ve become well acquainted with the words. Christians often toss it around loosely but the question that needs to be asked is does it hold any value? Can it truly be proven that we are in fact living in the “latter days?” The answer may surprise you…

The Bible doesn’t lack when it comes to prophecy. In fact there are hundreds of prophecies all throughout the Bible which predict future events and all written thousands of years ago. If we could prove that these prophecies are concurrently coming to pass in our modern era, we would not only have a powerful case that we are living in “the latter days,” but also that God who inspired the Bible knows the beginning from the end and is guiding world events implementing his Biblical prophecies.

In the video below youtuber Jason A shares hows many of these prophecies are coming to pass, from extreme weather, to wars, to DNA manipulation, to…

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