Secret army of UFOs is plotting war against us from under the SEA

The UFO phenomena has been a controversial topic and it is being discussed for more than a century now.

The fact remains that unidentified flying objects roam Earth's sky every day and in various shapes and forms. We have a small percentage of disclosure regarding the UFO situation, and beware those that dwell deeper into the rabbit hole because we know (or at least slightly heard about) that some people have suffered the consequences.

Another similar mysterious phenomena that is being studied for a while is not from the air but deep on our World's very oceans The term USO, meaning "unidentified submersible object", is exactly the same as an UFO, but much less noticed my people. Sailors, fishermen, any kind of person that interacts most of the time with the sea, have an easier time finding strange mysterious underwater objects.

There are secret reports from the Soviets and present day Russian Navy that suggest a war has been happening deep in the Ocean for years now.

Watch the following video to learn more ( via )!

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