People Witnessed A Virgin Mary Statue Crying Blood!

The world of religion can truly be a supernatural one and pretty creepy too. We have heard stories of apparitions by God or the Holy Trinity to specific individuals, people that have had their bodies healed through the power of the Lord, we've even seen statues of Saints and even that of Virgin Mary manifesting strange paranormal phenomena. We can read of many.

Virgin Mary Statue crying bloody tears

The latest miracle shows a Virgin Mary Statue crying bloody tears down the cheek. This happened in Manuripi-Heath Amazonian Wildlife National Reserve Church, Bolivia. People also witnessed blood coming out of the hands and fingers.

Blood samples went to a local hospital to verify if it is human or non human. There have been several accounts of HOAXES involving bleeding statues and other kinds of "miracles".

But could this the real deal? The vatican is yet to consider this as authentic.

Watch the video to know more!



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