Mysterious Monster Creature Found In Russia

Sometimes people find remains of bizarre and unknown species of animals that have become long lost in the records of nature and the ancient world. Some of these animals could also be associated with creatures from myths and legends.

Weird Creature found in Russia

The mysterious remains of a mummified creature was found in Yakutia, Russia. Scientists and cryptozoologists are still trying to figure out what this mummified creature is. Some say it's a wolverine like animal, others think it's a well preserved dinosaur from the mesozoic era. Whatever it is it certainly has a menacing feel to it.

The creature was found by a miner working on diamond yielding sands in Udachny, Mirninsky district of Yakutia, also called the Sakha Republic. It was very deep underground, so we can guess that many more mysterious findings may surface.

The location where the animal corpse was found is in the famous Udachnaya pipe diamond deposit, which was discovered in 1955.

Watch the video to know more!

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