Massive Sighting! Giants From Another Dimension Above New York

Some time ago we heard about a floating city appearing in the sky over China, perhaps a dimensional opening to another world. There were other accounts of a floating city above California and the United Kingdom.

Recently a new similar phenomenon appeared in the city of New York. Above in the clouds, giant humanoid figures appeared and looked as if they were watching over the city. These pictures have since become viral.

People have been calling these gigantic beings aliens visiting earth or even angels. There's even a reference to the the bible passage that speaks of a "Cloud of Witnesses", and some speculate that this might be it.

Are these interdimensional beings visiting our world? Could these portals be manifestations of Cern's Large Hadron Collider experiments? Are we in the Matrix? Or perhaps these are simply massive mirages, visual illusions or other natural phenomena.

Watch the video to know more!

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