Leaked Video: CERN To Start The Process Of Opening A Portal To Another Dimension

The public has been told that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a city-sized circular particle accelerator deep underground outside Geneva, is for the scientific study of reality. This is NOT the intended purpose of this gigantic machine. Under development since the early 1950s, the CERN complex is a grand secret international project and its main purposes are coming to fruition now. The LHC is a doorway.

What you may not know is that all members of the research group involved in that first experiment, who were under the direction of "Father" have since vanished. I am a contact of a member of the new group that has continued the work. This group (called the "SIESSA" working group) is under the new direction of "Mother". The identity of "Mother" is unknown (possible deep learning system).

The scientists of CERN are on a terrible quest for power that can be drawn from other dimensions. They are on a wreckless project to rip open a portal to our nearest dimension (based on early observations, some members have called it Hell). The scientists are not only seeking to open the portal, but also are seeking an entity that is listed in the yellow reports only as "Tetragramakrampus".



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