Icelandic Truth Comission Confirms The Lagarfljótsormur Sea Monster is Real

Scotland’s Loch Ness is home to the world-famous creature known as Nessie, but reports involving bizarre, over-proportionate creatures are surfacing in numerous places across the globe. In recent years, a serpent-like cryptid from Iceland has made it in the spotlight.

Lagarfljótsormur - the Iceland Worm Monster

Called Lagarfljótsormur or the Iceland Worm Monster, it gained popularity due to a video that showed it swimming in an ice-covered lake called Lagarfljót from which the creature got its name.

The first recorded sighting took place in the 14th century, but folklore hints at much earlier origins. The worm monster appearances were considered omens that foretold an upcoming disaster.

According to legend, a girl was given an enchanted golden ring and wanted to keep it safe, so she placed it in her linen pocket and set a small lizard (or snake) to guard it. In the following days, the lizard grew and the terrified girl threw both the lizard and the ring into the nearby lake. It continued to grow and terrorize the local population until it was tied to the bottom of the lake, but not slain.

The Lagarfljótsormur is described as being over 300 feet in length and having multiple humps, similar to the classic depiction of Nessie – the Lochness monster. Although an aquatic being, it was sighted on the lake’s shore as well, lying coiled in the sun or even slithering up in the trees.

The creature has been spotted several times in recent years, with the most interesting incident occurring in 1983. Contractor were laying a telephone cable when they noticed a large mass moving near the shore as they were performing depth measurements.

When they retrieved the cable, it was badly torn and damaged in 22 places. The workers believed they dragged the cable over the beast, or even through its jaws, because the cable got ravaged in a quick span of time and with a massive force that made it tremble.

Although at that time the workers couldn’t immortalize the moment, the recent video of the mysterious creature swirling through the frozen Islandic lake stands as solid evidence of its mythical existence.




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