Breakthrough: Experiment Proves That 'Out Of The Body Experiences' Are Real

The human mind can bend matter and do fascinating things. The potential is limitless, yet, many of it's secrets are still locked away. Many questions surrounding the functionality of the brain made top neuro scientists around the world scratch their heads on how to piece together such an ultra complex organic puzzle.

Some of the greatest mysteries of the mind are the "out of body experiences", which occur mostly on a sleeping state or during a near death experience. The individual steps out of his/her body and begins to see everything around them including their own physical body.

The strange phenomenon is sometimes questionable, but recent studies prove that "out of body experience" is a REAL thing!

The experiment was done using brain scanners and a complicated technique that allowed the subjects to "teleport" to another side of the room.

It was performed in Karolinska Institutet, Sweden.


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