Traces Of Giants Discovered Worldwide

Traces Of Giants Discovered Worldwide

Whenever a new one appears the bones are quickly removed; they are carried far away to big hangars hidden from the public eye or are destroyed.

The Smithsonian Institute has admitted in court that has destroyed thousands of skeletons of giant since 1900.

The skeletons of giants were removed

The Bible speaks of the existence of giants in ancient times, but today we can only approach that reality through their fossilized footprints, of ancient paintings or carvings on which they appear.

We also have the old stories that speak of huge skeletons found , but it is difficult now to know which images of giant skeletons are true and which are false, as there is people dependent on institutions or companies controlled by the occult elite, which controls the information that comes to light; these people includes false images on the network so that we will not have certainty with any of them and will doubt everything.



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