Top 10 Known Species Of Aliens That Visited Earth!

For hundreds of years numerous people from all around the world have witnessed alien sightings in one form or another.

Ancient cultures regarded these extraterrestrial species as divine beings or Gods. They were praised for their knowledge and wisdom and also feared for their fearsome power and wrath.

Some aliens have humanoid forms, which allows them to blend into crowds of people without being noticed, so they can monitor our activities in a more detailed fashion. The Nordic aliens or the Pleiadians are two examples of extraterrestrials almost identical to humans, most of them having blonde hair and blue eyes.

Other aliens are said to be the culprits of abductions and human experimentation, like the well known "Greys" or the shapeshifting "Reptilians" for example.

There are also plenty of malevolent aliens who want to conquer and enslave humanity like the Annunaki or the Alpha Draconians.

Watch the following video to know more about these races!



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