Massive UFO Filmed In Kenya

An intriguing video clip from Kenya allegedly captures an amazingly clear UFO swooping across the sky, but not everyone is convinced it is on the level.

Simply be too good to be true?

The footage was purportedly obtained via the dashcam of a driver in the Kenyan city of Nairobi on a rainy day in June.

As the car journeys down the road, the driver points to the sky and, moments later, a distinctly oval-shaped craft flies into view.

Accompanying the massive object is a thundering sound akin to what one might expect to hear from an airplane.
Just as suddenly as the craft appears, it quickly disappears as it flies across the screen and out of view.

Skeptics who have seen the footage argue that it is a hoax and that the 'UFO' is simply the product of computer animation.

Considering that one of the recurring attributes of UFOs that has stumped researchers for decades is their silent nature, the jet-like sound from the Nairobi object seems to suggest that it is, indeed, a fake.

UFO enthusiasts will no doubt beg to differ, but the video appears, at this time, to simply be too good to be true.

Regardless of its veracity, the footage does serve as evidence for the incredibly difficult task facing UFO researchers in today's modern technologically savvy world.

When any clever hoaxer can produce stunning footage using simple filmmaking software, how can any piece of video evidence for UFOs truly be believed?

Ironically, the proliferation of cell phone cameras may have led to a bevy of new UFO footage appearing on a constant basis, but it seems to have only made the phenomenon even more complex rather than providing the 'smoking gun' researchers have sought for decades.

Check out the video from Kenya and let us know what you think

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