Dead People Brain Could Be Brought Back To Life!

What if you may bring the dead back to life? but entirely completely different would the sphere of medication be if we tend to knew the way to reverse the hands of some time and restart your body?

Over few months, slightly team of scientists and doctors will try to answer these queries with the ReAnima Project. With AI and sequence modification already breaking new ground in their potential to spice up the human experience, medication has taken a very distinctive approach to the tactic of death itself mutually issue that will be reversible.

Doctor Himanshu Bansal Revita Life Sciences and Bioquark INC. and his team will administer several therapies, like injecting the brain with stem cells and a cocktail of a peptide.

National Institutes of Health with within the united states and in Republic of Asian nation have granted permission to Project ReAnima to recruit twenty clinically dead patients to assess whether or not their brain brings back to life.

Here the Video Down with the complete Story:



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