12 Of The Most Insane Super Technologies Created By The Nazis!

We have all heard of the terrifying third reich and it's raging conquest through out Europe. The massacres and the war methods used by Nazi Germany were ruthless and destructive.

Even though we know of the downfall of the Nazis, they were one of the most innovative in terms of warfare and technology. It's a fact that after the war german scientists and engineers were taken by the Allied forces so the US government could exploit their findings.

Stuff of myths and conspiracy theory

Some high-tech developed by Nazi Germany are considered as stuff of myths and conspiracy theory. Some of these so called "Wonder Weapons" are the "Sun Gun", Vortex Machine" and the "The Bell".

It is also said that they were working on space technology, time travel and gravity manipulation.

How can we know for sure? It's a lot of speculation and theory, but the fact is, Nazi military technology has been a major influence to today's modern weaponary.

Watch the video to know more!



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