Many scientists believe Aliens Left a Message for People on Earth

Many scientists believe Aliens Left a Message for People on Earth

Many scientists believe that people of lesser intelligence created the ancient civilizations of the world. This belief, however, may be false. There are several examples of ancient structures and tunnel systems on Earth that were built roughly 12,000 years ago. This would suggest that ancient people were, in fact, smart. This is one theory. Another idea would suggest that these structures and tunnels were the creation or design of aliens. Aliens that wanted to leave future humans a message. The Kepler Telescope Channel on YouTube details these messages of design.

Unexplainable Construction on Earth

Are scientists looking into the unexplainable structures built on Earth? There are many structures and tunnels on Earth that were built by intelligent ancient people. Some of these places date back 12,000 years. For example, the Stone Age tunnels that stretch from Turkey to Scotland are an engineering design only innovative people, or aliens, could have come up with. Scientists have found tunnels with storage areas and seating. Another example is the Longview Caves, only discovered in 1992. Scientists have found that these caves are very similar in shape and cut. These carving patterns can only be done today with high-tech drilling machines.

Aliens Leave Messages in Design

The million cubic meters carved into the Longview Caves would suggest intelligent design. In fact, scientists have found that the caves represent the star pattern of the big dipper. This could be evidence that aliens either inhabited Earth, or shared their technology with people on Earth at that time. Aliens may have also left humans a message in the Rama Empire. Scientists have compared the end of this empire to a nuclear apocalypse. Scientists found a rock that turned to glass. This is evidence of an asteroid airburst, nuclear explosion, or a cataclysm 12,000 years ago. This empire came to a sudden end. Could it have been aliens leaving us a subtle message?

Aliens Continue to Send Messages

Another example of aliens leaving us messages in design is Göbekli Tepe in Turkey. Scientists have dated this possible ancient alien area on Earth at 10,000 years old. Scientists have also called this place the most important find of all time. The innovative design of this place goes against all other Paleolithic sites and level of intelligence of that era. Maybe aliens gave the primitive people the tech they needed to develop such innovative things. This would another subtle hint of their existence. And aliens continue to send messages to humans on Earth. A recent YouTube video shows UFOs flying over Ramsgate Beach. The video shows the flying saucer close up. The detail is alien tech looking for sure.




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