'Dragon Man' Fossil Could Prove Reptalian Shapeshifter Alien Species Exists

A recent discovery has slithered its way online.

Pictures of a presumed, fossilized reptile-like creature have emerged online, causing a stir. If real, the remains could prove that a reptilian species is more than just a myth.

The potential of a Reptilian aliens is common amongst conspiracy theorists

Even the original photographer seems skeptical after witnessing the artifacts first-hand.

“The premise was to present the possibility of a race of horned ‘dragon men,’ complete with reptilian tails, that might have existed with considerable proof being offered in the form of these found ‘fossils,’” he wrote on his original post.

The potential of a Reptilian aliens is common amongst conspiracy theorists. Some in the paranormal community believe that this advanced species maneuvers in the shadows to secretly manipulate mankind. Others even believe these reptile-like beings may disguise themselves as humans to covertly rule the world.

Initially, this may seem bizarre, but these theories are rooted mythology. Several different ancient civilizations have incorporated reptile imagery as part of their belief system. The Hopi Indians told stories of underground “snake brothers” who lived and flourished underneath the American Southwest. The Mayans worshipped a serpent of wisdom, called Q’uq’umatz. The Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl, was viewed as a feathered serpent. Dating back even further, the first ruler of Athens, Cecrops, was depicted as half-human, half-snake.

While these may just be “tales” based down from generation to generation, there is also a chance that this lore may be reality. Applying current research to these descriptions, scientists argue that the Aztec “feathered serpent” may actually be a dinosaur. If this were true, than that would imply that humans and dinosaurs existed simultaneously. Therefore, it is at least probable that both evolved together and potentially overlapped.

Before this latest discovery, the best proof that these conspiracy theorists could offer was blurry photos and images without little, actual verification. Now, the fossilized remains of this creature may provide concrete evidence. However, more investigation is needed. Without an examination of the actual fossils, having only the pictures severely limits the conclusions scientists can make going forward.


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