City Found On Mars! Another Cover Up By NASA or Conspiracy Theory?

City Found On Mars! Another Cover Up By NASA or Conspiracy Theory?

A UFO hunter claims that Nasa has found evidence of a "city on Mars," but it is covering up the truth.

According to the British publication Express, an alien conspiracy theorist has suggested that buildings and windows are shown on mysterious photographs of the Red Planet, taken by Nasa¹s Rover. He also claims that Nasa has tried to prevent the public from finding out by covering up the discovery.

According to Nature World News, Waring stated that Nasa's Curiosity Rover photographed an apparent apartment building in a section of what appears to be a Martian city. Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) published the image in question in black and white on their website.

Waring said that he was able to find the photo on the Nasa site. The original is only fingernail size, at only 4 kb. When all the other photos were over 280 kb in size, he was intrigued why the space agency made such a small photo.

After enlarging the image, Waring has found along the ridge of a hillside some dark structures with doors and windows. He also claims that during six years of research into photographs from space agencies such as Nasa, he was able to find more evidence of bases on planets in our solar system and our moon.

Nasa claims that, when it comes to its information, it is one of the most open spaced agencies in the world. The American space agency denied any cover ups.

Scientists explain the so-called discovery of ancient monuments, buildings and even animals or humanoids in Mars pictures, as being the result of pareidolia. This is a psychological phenomena when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar shapes, objects and patterns in textures such as clouds or rocks.


By Victor Thomson, Itech Post


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