Chinese Models Stick Condoms To Their Faces On The Metro

During peak hours in the Beijing Metro, a group of women were spotted sticking condoms to their faces, chests and arms. Fellow passengers couldn't help but document this bizarre scene on their phones, while wondering just what the heck was going on?

Unsurprisingly, it turned out to be promotional stunt thought up by Chinese condom manufacturer dxcondom. The company claims that the lubricants they use are quite good for the skin.

Now China not only makes the world's thinnest condoms, but also the ones that are best for your skin. Congrats!

While these ladies have taken it to a whole different level, this isn't the first time that we've seen a commuter carry out her skincare regimen on the subway.

However, Weibo users aren't impressed by the company's self-promotion. Writing on dxcondom's official Weibo page, one called the idea moronic, another said it was cheap, while many hoped the company wouldn't try it again.

Weibo user "Diamond_World" was a bit more sympathetic: "Doesn't anybody know that condoms have way more uses than just OOXX [Chinese slang for sex]? They may even save lives! Why all these prejudicial views? Ugh! So many people are incapable of thinking for themselves!"

For even more condom uses, watch the video below:



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