Baby With Rare Brain Tumor Kissed By Pope ‘Miraculously’ Recovers

Baby With Rare Brain Tumor Kissed By Pope ‘Miraculously’ Recovers

A family from Philadelphia have credited a ‘miracle from the heavens’ for the recovery of their sick baby daughter after she was kissed by Pope Francis.

Two months after her birth, Gianna Masciantonio was diagnosed with juvenile xanthogranuloma, a tumour in her brain stem. Doctors told family members that survival was highly unlikely.

A day after Gianna’s first birthday, a family friend who worked for the FBI arranged special passes so the family could welcome Pope Francis during his visit to the state.

His Excellency, who was unaware of Gianna’s condition, stopped to kiss her forehead centimetres away from the site of the tumour.

Two months after, an MRI scan revealed that the tumour was beginning to shrink. Now Gianna is nearing a full recovery.

Though the family say they do not credit the Pope for healing their daughter they say the kiss ‘gave us hope… it gave us strength.’

‘That kiss meant more to my family than anyone could ever imagine,’ they said.

Pope Francis, after hearing news of the recovery, signed a portrait of him kissing Gianna.

By Harry Readhead,



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