Strange Vintage Photograph Of Black-Eyed Child Found In A Man's Attic

Black Eyed Children present many questions for paranormal researchers but perhaps none more vexing than what happens if a witness lets them inside their home.

A relatively recent phenomenon to emerge, Black Eyed Children encounters are described by witnesses as instances where seemingly out of place kids appear at a doorstep asking for help. Despite the pleas of these mysterious children, homeowners are always driven to turn them away after they feel an ominous sense of dread and discover that the odd kids possess solid black eyes!

Black-Eyed Children

What happens if Black Eyed Children are let inside has been the subject of much speculation from paranormal researchers, but a new witness report may shed light on the frightening scenario.

This strange vintage photograph found in a man’s attic. The Victorian-era child appears to have completely black eyes.


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