Mysterious Weather Radar Anomalies Over Switzerland

A strange phenomenon appeared on the weather map last Sunday, May 8, 2016. A perfect circle of rain moved across Lausanne, Vallorbe a few kilometers to the south of Geneva in Switzerland, however at that time it was not raining!

Mysterious Weather Radar Anomalies Over Switzerland

The center of the mysterious circle - of around 80 kilometers in diameter - was directly above the mountain peak of La Dole in the Jura Vaudois and captured by the radar on the mountain peak of La Dole, one of the five weather radar stations from Meteo Switzerland.

According to Meteo Switzerland, the strange phenomenon appeared as a result of a problem with the radar processing but many people speculated that the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is behind the mysterious circle above Switzerland.

And it is not first time, in recent months several strange weather anomalies have been captured by radar stations around the world.


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