Music Industry ‘Illuminati’ Kill Their Stars, Says Insider

Music Industry ‘Illuminati’ Kill Their Stars, Says Insider

A music industry insider has come forward with claims the business is ‘rife with the Illuminati’ and that an elite circle of white executives ‘have complete and utter control over their stars’ and ‘they kill them off if they step out of line.’

‘They have an obituary media pack ready to be rolled out for all their stars and they usually involve a drug overdose or AIDS. They have the AIDS and junkie cards ready to play at a moment’s notice.’

‘If you’re black, popular and powerful in the industry, the elite almost always have a file on you – ready to use if you step out of line.’

Speaking on an end-to-end encrypted VoIP call, the insider admitted she is fearing for her life, and only spoke on the condition of anonymity.

‘When I sat on that reception desk during my temping days I got to know so many people and learned so many disturbing things.’

‘This one guy joined the company as a post room attendant but he was always arrogant and pushy. He used to jump the queue in the canteen in the morning, always ordering black coffee. Then when people complained about him, he got promoted‘.

‘Then he was caught taking company cabs and limousines everywhere, even to the supermarket on weekends. His boss pulled him aside and we all thought he was getting fired but he actually got a massive promotion‘.

‘He wore black, all black everything, for three years straight. Even shades. Some days he looks like a dried up old goat. His skin is yellow, the skin on his neck hanging off him like a turkey, and the tips of his fingers are brownish-yellow. Other days he looks really young and hot. The change is extreme’.

‘Everyone in the music business knows he’s part of the elite circle running the whole industry. These guys operate across companies, corporations, there is no divide for them. They run it all. They are so powerful, they influence the media, the government‘.

‘You wouldn’t believe some of the things I learned about this guy. He’s friends with Ben Bernanke, Warren Buffet, and Lloyd Blankfein, they are always meeting up. I thought these guys were just pervy old uncles of his for ages. It wasn’t until I started learning more and more about the world and educating myself that things started to come together.‘

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