Wild Conspiracy Theories You Might Not Have Heard Of

Wild Conspiracy Theories You Might Not Have Heard Of

From the shocking to the insane and downright bizarre.

THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT - At the beginning of World War 2 the United States Navy began to research ways to make vessels at sea invisible to German submarines. The USS Eldridge (DE-173) was a Navy ship that was subjected, with the crew on board, to cloaking experiments. Witnesses say the ship almost completely disappeared, leaving a greenish fog in its place. When it re-appeared, the crew members were extremely nauseous, some were on the verge of insanity and others had been moved about the ship and bonded with the steel of her frame.

GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX - Although scientist has proven that the rise of C02 in air due to man-made machinery is damaging the ozone layer, many people deny that this is happening. So think that global warming was created to scare the population so that they can be easier to control. Some also have the theory that it is a hoax by the EU to damage to the United States economy.

CRISIS ACTORS - The scenes of destruction and devastation on the news nowadays is sadly becoming a common occurrence. Some people believe that the government stages some shootings and terrorist attacks in order to propel their agenda, i.e. a gun law they want to be passed. The theory is that they hire "crisis actors", actors that are employed by the government or large corporations to act as victims and enrage or scare the public, or make them believe a catastrophic event actual occurred.

DENVER AIRPORT IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER HQ - DIA has been the center of many conspiracy theories since its construction in 1995. The airport is covered with strange murals of stormtroopers with swords, children around the world with weird languages surrounding them and also children laying in coffins. There is also a huge statue outside DIA or a bronco bucking with glowing red eyes. Some people claim the layout of the airport from the sky resembles a swastika.

ADAM LANZA NEVER EXISTED - One of the most sensitive conspiracies out there, it deals with Adam Lanza, the shooter in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Theorist out there believes that Lanza never existed and that the photos of him are all complete renderings made to look like a distraught young man. Theories waiver on at to why Lanza was supposedly created, from promoting gun-control all the way to ties with Scientology.

 CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN AMERICA - Many believe that there are concentration camps set up by the U.S. government around the country that are fully staffed and ready to put to use. Several sites online have pinpointed the location of the alleged camps and reveal information about their future occupancy when martial law takes effect in the U.S. This theory was started when 500,000 plastic coffins owned by F.E.M.A were discovered near a highway outside Atlanta.

 AIDS WAS CREATED IN A GOVERNMENT LAB - Conspiracy theories believe that the CIA created the AIDS/HIV virus in a government lab in order to wipe out the homosexual and African American populations of the United States. Some point to President Nixon, who combined the National Cancer Institute with the Army's National biochemical warfare department in '71, however, some believe that the military actually injected gay men with the disease during the hepatites-B experiments in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco in 1978.

HITLER LIVED TO BE AN OLD MAN - During the end of the World War II, many believe that Hitler did not take his own life in his Berlin bunker. Instead, Hitler lived until 1962 in Argentina with his wife and two daughters. Body doubles were shot and burned outside the bunker so that the war criminal could make his escape. There is a book around the theory called Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler.

ALEX JONES AND BILL HICKS ARE THE SAME PERSON - Conspiracy theorist/radio host Alex Jones knows his way around some of the biggest conspiracies out there, however, the one he can't run from is actually about him. People believe that the late-great stand-up comedian Bill Hicks, who passed away due to pancreatic cancer, is actually not dead at all and is running a radio show in Austin, Tx calling himself, you guessed it, Alex Jones.

THE COUNTRY'S ELITE ARE ACTUALLY HIGH-LEVEL REPTILIANS - The theory that reptilians from a distant planet inhabit underground bases on earth was first popularized by conspiracy theorist David Icke. Icke's theory is that the reptilians inhabit human form and run the world, such as former President George W. Bush and Queen Elizabeth II are actually reptilians, as are high powered celebrities such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Justin Beiber etc . . . Icke has given lectures to crowds of around 4,000 people and it was shown in a study that 4% of voters in the U.S. believe his theories.

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