Video: Why Are Enraged Naked “Demons” Attacking People All over the World?

Video: Why Are Enraged Naked “Demons” Attacking People All over the World?

Remember about a month ago when I reported on what appeared to be a mentally ill naked woman who shut down a major Texas highway after climbing on top of an 18-wheeler and refusing to come down as she ranted about government mind control?

Apparently this was not an isolated incident… by far.

Check out the video below. Naked people in fits of blind rage have been arrested around the globe in recent weeks for going completely insane, stripping down to nothing, and attacking anyone and everyone they come across. The assailants are typically described as enraged beyond all logic and reason, and feeling no pain as they run amok to beat up random people they come across, even smashing car windshields with their bare fists without even slowing down.

You could say “Wow, that’s some amazing PCP that guy must be on” or even try to blame it all on bath salts, but the bizarre thing about these cases is that the people involved were not found to be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol when the attacks occurred.

What the hell is going on here? One or two cases maybe, probably happens from time to time… But this is becoming a little too common, with all the occurrences happening in just the past month or so.

Note: The video is entitled “demons” in quotes and while you may not believe in demon possession the way the Catholic church does, after watching it you could see why someone might make that conclusion because these events seem like scenes straight out of a horror film in that genre.

That, or those crazy fast zombies from the movie 28 Days Later.


By Piper McGowin, The Daily Sheeple


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