Video Of Dirtiest Ever Female Dorm Room Shocks Chinese Netizens

Video Of Dirtiest Ever Female Dorm Room Shocks Chinese Netizens

A video has emerged of what is being called the "dirtiest female dorm room ever" by Chinese media, challenging the widely held perception that girls are cleaner than guys.

The video was uploaded to social media a few days ago and has since made waves online, leading netizens to ask why its inhabitants have time to make videos but can't seem to get round to sweeping the floor.

As the girl filming moves the camera around the room she can be heard to say, "The room stinks so bad that two people have decided to leave."

The pictures have come as a revelation to some netizens, who believed that the girls' dormitories would be far cleaner than those belonging to guys.

"Aha, we finally have a picture, turns out female rooms have way more trash than male dorms, men are finally exonerated," wrote @金属杯盖.

"After you graduate you girls can get a job straight away at a scrapheap," wrote @风葬秋暝.

追风少年HENRY said, ”Before I always believed that girls loved to be clean, but it was only when I went to university that I found out: female dorms are way dirtier than male ones, also because of biological reasons, female bodies are also dirtier than men!!!"

Watch the video here:



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