Surgeons Removing More Than 20 TOOTHBRUSHES From Patient's Stomach

Surgeons Removing More Than 20 TOOTHBRUSHES From Patient's Stomach

A bizarre and truly gruesome video has emerged online of the moment a patient had more than 20 toothbrushes surgically removed from the their stomach.

The vomit-inducing clip shows a surgeon cutting into the skin before delving inside the gut and pulling out each brush, one at a time.

A seemingly never-ending stream of brushes are then extracted from the stomach, with more than 20 being removed and placed in a bowl next to the operating table.

The original video appears to have been uploaded to YouTube by Sumesh Sukumaran on March 27.

Not much is known about the footage, and it is unclear how the patient came to have so many toothbrushes stuffed inside his gut.

The stomach-churning clip has also been shared on, where it has been viewed more than 12,000 times in 11 hours.

One viewer suggested that the patient could be suffering from a pica eating disorder, which is typically defined as the persistent ingestion of non-nutritive substances.

Another added: "I sit here counting and laughing at this, but seriously he's one of those people who can't stop swallowing things.

"But can you imagine swallowing your toothbrush?"


 By Kara O'Neill, Mirror


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