Shockingly Incredible Footage Shows Surgeon Pulls ‘Brain-Eating Parasite’ Out Of Girl’s Head

Shockingly Incredible Footage Shows Surgeon Pulls ‘Brain-Eating Parasite’ Out Of Girl’s Head

The doctor extracts a huge white object, described as a parasite, in the horrifying clip and leaves a gaping hole in the patient's head.

In the incredible footage, which has been shared on YouTube, a doctor slices the woman's brain open and inserts a tube down the side of the monster parasite embedded inside.

The waterlogged blob flops into a metal bowl placed by the person's head.

But the clip then shows a monstrous hole in the woman's head.

Doctors sew the organ back together after the tissue was cleaned.

Somehow, the woman survived the risky operation.

The grim clip has been uploaded on YouTube with a caption that reads: "Parasite eggs are carried by the blood to all organs of the body, where they grow and multiply.

"The parasites enter the body with food, meat, poultry, fish and other life sea products."

More than 200,000 people have viewed the video online.

One YouTuber wrote: "I don't believe life after that would have been possible or even worth it.

"Poor individual that suffered from the cyst and very incredible that modern medicine makes it possible to remove that."


By Bradley Jolly, DailyStar


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