Italian Found This Epic Crown In A Cave: But Wait, It Fits For A Giant!

Italian Found This Epic Crown In A Cave: But Wait, It Fits For A Giant!

A CROWN FIT FOR A GIANT? Italian Father Carlo Crespi Croci (1891-1982) tries on a Giant kings crown he found in the cave named "Cueva de los Tayos" Ecuador. He wasn't just a priest but a researcher and explorer also.

This is just one many ancient artifacts he found after arriving in Ecuador in 1927. His collection was called the "metal library." Many of these ancient artifacts were made of various metals, unusual for a very ancient time period.

After his death some of his most important artifacts were stolen or were lost. He was beatified by the Catholic Church for having lived 60 years as a missionary. He believed all his findings were "antediluvian" origin.

With the most recent metal findings in ancient cities its obvious there is more to Earths history than what we are being taught and told.


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