Police In China Rescues Sisters Raised By Rats In Shanghai Sewers

The Shanghai Police Department confirmed this morning, that they had found a pair of young girls living in the city sewers. The girls who have been proven to be sisters, appear to have been abandoned many years ago and raised by a group of rats.

The siblings were first spotted two weeks ago, by some city workers who were inspecting the sewer system. The group of four men claimed to have seen two young girls, almost naked, running around and scavenging trash,in the sewer tunnels. According to the workers, the girls seemed to be followed by a large swarm of rats, possibly formed by thousands of individuals.

The two girls were spotted again yesterday, scavenging for food in a public garbage dump. Officers of the Shanghai Police Department were rapidly mobilized on the site, and they were able to capture them, after shooting them with tranquilizer darts.

The girls were taken to the Renji Hospital, where they will receive medical care and undergo a complete medical examination.

According to Dr. Wu Jieng Lao, who examined them upon their arrival at the hospital, the girls are twins, and believed to be aged between 8 and 10 years old. They are extremely thin and show signs of severe malnutrition, but they are surprisingly healthy considering their previous living conditions.

“When the police told us where they had found the girls that they had brought us, we really didn’t expect them to this healthy,” Dr. Wu told reporters. “It’s too early to say if they suffer any diseases, but they appear to be in rather good shape. They don’t seem to have ever learned any language or have had much contact with humans at all, so it seems they were abandoned at a very young age.

The Shanghai police has opened an investigation in order to clarify the girls’ origins and identify their parents.

They believe that the twins’ parents could have been thrown down the sewers by their parents soon after their birth, like many of the 100 million girls which are estimated to have been victims infanticide or abandonment in China because of the “One child Policy”, which was in place from 1978 to 2015.

The remains of thousands of children have indeed been found in rivers and sewer systems across China over the years, but this is the first time ever reported, that any of these abandoned children ever resurfaces alive.

By  Barbara Johnson, World News Daily Report


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