NEMESIS Approaches: Mystery 'Death Star' Planet Heading Towards Earth?

NEMESIS Approaches: Mystery 'Death Star' Planet Heading Towards Earth?

A MYSTERY mega planet dubbed the NEMESIS GIANT is on a collision course with Earth, according to a staggering new theory.

Incredible footage has appeared online of what truth seekers believe is unknown world in our solar system.

The huge sphere – which resembles the Death Star in the sci-fi blockbuster Star Wars – appears in the sky in daylight and at night, according to the videos.

Space boffs claim the giant rock is related to Planet X – or Nibiru – a heavenly body believed to come close to the planet in April.

The Nemesis Giant has been “spotted” across the planet – including America, Italy, Mexico and Tenerife.

Dill Martin, who has been analysing footage of apparent giant sightings, claims the planet is becoming more visible to the human eye in time for its approach next month.

He describes it as a “dark star or dwarf brown” that is being orbited by Nibiru and other planets, including Earth.

He wildly claims the existence of extraterrestrial life is being hidden from humanity by higher figures pulling the strings of the planet.

Dill said: “The powers that be are finding it more difficult to hide all these signs which are from the lord, with their endless geo-engineering programmes and various other technologies that they use against all of humanity.

"Nibiru is one of many planets orbiting a dark star or dwarf brown.

"The dark star has five minor planets, the sixth planet is the size of Earth, and the seven is the planet or object we call Nibiru.

“When the dark star is at the perihelion closest position to our sun, between 60 and 70 astronomical units.”

Dill’s videos have received thousands of views and generated discussion among YouTubers.

One particular video is believed to have been shot in New York and shows what appears to be a planet briefly appear in the sky before disappearing.

STARTLING: The orb below the Moon is Nemesis Giant, according to Dill Martin

ICONIC: Some say Nemesis Giant looks like the Death Star from Star Wars

Paula Carter wrote: “Right now I am in such shock and awe. Wow.”

Another user added: “Wow – incredible. Not much longer now.”

Lane Smith said: “We have rumours of wars and earthquakes in diverse places. I think this qualifies as fearful sights and great signs from heaven.”

YouTube user DaggerSpellz said the video was “kinda scary”.

By Rory McKeown, Daily Star


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