Michael Jackson Is Alive! Mind Blowing Proof That Will Convince You!

Could it be Michael Jackson?

We took this photo in Perth, Western Australia in a hotel hallway. We were walking through a hallway when we bumped into someone. When we bumped into them we were on snapchat and must’ve accidently taken a photo and when we looked at the photo we realised it looked like Michael. When we turned around the person was quickly walking away dressed in black.

Scary similarities!

This photo was taken after Michael Jackson died. However the person who is circled has a scary resemblance to Michael Jackson. Did he really fake his death?

This is on the “This is it” cover. On his lips, it spells “alive”, even though the cover was designed after he died. Take a look at the original for yourself!

Dave dave

Dave Dave says that Michael Jackson was an inspiration to him, and only popped up after his death. However, the resemblances are astonishing, and will be leaving you questioning the death for a long time.




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