NASA Admits There’s Something Bizarre Hiding In Plain Sight On PLUTO’s Surface

Thanks to NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, we know more about Pluto now than ever before. However, if this new photograph is anything to go on, we might have a lot more to learn about the dwarf planet than we once thought.

Earlier this month, a photo of the icy planet’s surface began making the rounds online, and it looks like it shows something pretty startling.

This is the photo in question. See anything weird?

NASA Admits There’s Something Bizarre Hiding In Plain Sight On PLUTO’s Surface

According to conspiracy theorists, the object in the middle of this photo might very well be some sort of giant slithering space slug making its way across the surface of Pluto.

But NASA has another more logical explanation.

They believe what we are seeing in that first photo is actually a giant chunk of dirty ice. The reason why it’s standing out so well is because it’s floating on a river of dense nitrogen.

Judging from these other photos of Pluto’s surface, NASA probably has the right idea here.

I still suspect that this isn’t the last time we’ll hear about the “space slug” on Pluto.

While I’d love to believe that there is alien life in our solar system, the truth is that we’re probably alone in our little corner of the galaxy. This just means that humanity can explore and expand out into the solar system without accidentally triggering a war with an alien species, which is actually a good thing.

By Rob Waugh, METRO


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