Absolute Proof Shapeshifting Is A Real Phenomenon

Absolute Proof Shapeshifting Is A Real Phenomenon

The girl on Presley’s right has a stunned look on her face. Presley’s face morphs before their eyes into hideous forms. The girl’s face also morphs into hideous forms and also that of the man next to her. The physical transformation is a real event, not merely Satan’s kingdom altering the electronics of recording to imprint the morphing. There is no morphing of the background or Presley’s clothing only his face (and hands, fingers) and that of the girl and man next to her. After Presley’s morphing pics below is the same video but in real time and with sound. Seen in real time it is evident how quickly the whole scene unfolded, just a matter of several seconds, and yet so many different demonic faces seen for that brief time.


The lady interviewing McCartney sees the transformation of his eyes and asks him how did he do that. McCartney’s eyes become supernaturally huge.


The demonic morphing of McCartney and Presley is outstanding proof of the reality of the phenomenon. In both cases, the people around them are seen reacting to the morphing they witness. Below are photos from the video of Presley’s demonic morphing.

Another look at the face of a demon on a man. The above is the man who stands to the left of the girl. He is normal looking through most of the film and is morphed toward the end. Below is the video in real time and with sound. To see the pics above in the video below, hit the pause as Satan’s kingdom starts morphing Presley, and the girl, and the man next to her.

Need a magnifer to get good view of the morphing. Some say high defintion makes the morphing visible, but that is not true. Recorded video that can look back on frame by frame and see the morphing.

It happens very quickly. Quite a few images of different forms of evil morphing of Presley’s face in the pics above and when viewed in real time can see how quickly the changes came and went. Presley bends down to kiss the Sioux tribe Indian girl and when he straightens up, the morphing begins.


The photo below of Oprah Winfrey with demonic eyes and hand turned hoof-like did physically occur as seen in the photo. That is a one frame pic, less than a second. The body is morphed by Satan’s kingdom for a brief instant.

The morphing is so fast most of the time that it passes unnoticed and can only be discovered by examining the event recording, if there is one. But sometimes, as with McCartney and Presley, the morphing lasts a few seconds.

The horizontal white line is the YT video display control. The hand has been morphed into a hoof-like thing, in addition to other demonic morphing of her.

The person being morphed does not know same is occurring and I say that based on the footage below of a reporter who begins to morph and she gets yelled at in her earpiece, probably being told to get off the set. She turns to her co-reporters asking if she did something wrong, not knowing why she is being yelled at. The footage of Presley shows he does not know what is going on, that his body is being hideously morphed.




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