10 Facts About The Illuminati You Must Know

10 Facts About The Illuminati You Must Know

Here are the10 mind blowing facts about the Illuminati:

1. Illuminati meaning:

Illuminati means 'enlightened' in Latin. Going by the name, one can easily make out that they consider themselves separate from normal people. They remain hidden in relevant organizations and slowly try to control the world.

2. Religion:

According to many books and movies, Illuminati is a Christian organization. But, in reality, they are a non-religious sect and don’t follow any particular religion.

3. Different classes:

Illuminati has three different classes of their members. The first class is called “the nursery”, the second class is called “The Masonic grades” and the third class is called “The Mysteries”. This system was established in 1782.

4. Taken over the world:

Many theories have come to life that proves that illuminati is still functional. They have taken over the world’s leading organizations. Many believe that they even have control over the media; therefore no one reports anything about them.

5. Financial support:

They are being financed by banks all over the world as they have their members leading the banks. They don’t face any kind of financial troubles because of this.

6. Famous members:

Many celebrities are considered a part of this organization. These celebrities include Beyonce, Jay Z, Miley Cyrus as well as the pope. They even have control over the entertainment industry.

7. Infamous activities by the group:

This secret organization was banned as they were allegedly responsible for many infamous incidents in the world history. These incidents include the French revolution, the battle of waterloo and some even believe that they were responsible for the infamous 9/11.

8. Links in the US government:

The organization even controls the United States government. This was proved when the USA got independence days after the organization was formed.

9. The original symbol:

Illuminati’s symbol originally was not an eye. They had an owl as their symbol earlier.

10. The US Dollar:

The USA dollar has an eye on the note. This has resulted in many theories according to which even the reserve bank is under the control of the secret group.



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