Bizarre 'Alien Humanoid' Caught On Camera Hiding In Cemetery

Bizarre 'Alien Humanoid' Caught On Camera Hiding In Cemetery

The camera slowly pans across the tombstones in a graveyard surrounded by trees before it stops and a subtitle appears asking: “Did you see it?”

It then replays the footage and a red arrow points out a grotesque humanoid form which peeps out from behind a headstone then appears to duck back in.

It is not clear from the video where it was filmed or who by.

The video then shows the creature with green and grey skin in close up after being zoomed in on by 500 per cent and slowed to three frames a second.

The video ends on the question: “What is it?”

A number of people have reposted the video online.

One who published it on YouTube said: “I’m not saying this is real or fake. I’m just showing you for your own opinion.”


By Jon Austin, EXPRESS


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