Unsettling Video Of The Earth BREATHING In Nova Scotia

A Canadian man has captured an unsettling video of the ground in a forest near his home in Nova Scotia appearing to 'breathe' in strong winds.

Brian Nuttall posted the video to the 'We Love Nova Scotia' Facebook page, where it quickly got a lot of attention.

Viewers can clearly hear high winds in the background of the odd video, which shows the moss and wood-covered forest floor rising and falling, in a motion that looks like breathing.

It's slightly creepy, but there is a rational explanation - Nuttall believes the 'breathing' is due to the roots of the smaller trees in the forest loosening in the strong winds, after other trees around them were cut down.

As the forest floor gives way, the wind blows under the surface, pushing the mat of roots and plants up.The video has now been shared far and wide, showing off the beauty of Nuttall's home to the worl.


By Doug Bolton, The Independent


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