Top Secret Russian NUCLEAR War Plan Leaked: TV News Report Fails to Blur out Document

TOP secret Russian nuclear war plans have been leaked apparently by mistake after a TV news report of a high-level military meeting failed to blur out a document. The news item concerned a conference of army commanders and president Vladimir Putin about their country’s readiness to launch a war in the face of missile defense shield being proposed by NATO.

The Kremlin fears the shield could eventually become capable of shooting its nuclear missiles out of the sky and so weakening the strength of its nuke force.

But the document reveals a nuclear submarine weapons system under the water involving lethal torpedoes.

This comes amid rising tensions over Russia’s role in the brutal Syrian civil war and the furore over allegations that its athletes cheated in the 2012 London Olympics and face bans in the games in Rio next year.

During the meeting Russia announced plans it is to counter NATO’s US-led missile defense program by deploying new strike weapons.

Mr Putin said: “References to the Iranian and the North Korean nuclear missile threat just have served to cover up the true plans, and their true task is to neutralize nuclear potential of other nuclear powers – Russia in particular.”

But he said over the past three years the Russian military-industrial complex has created and successfully tested a number of ways of rendering the missile shield useless.

He said: “Such systems have already begun to enter the military this year.

“And now we are talking about development of new types of weapons.”

 By Patrick Knox, Daily Star


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