Paris False Flag Event Predicted on Cover on 2015 Economist Magazine

Paris False Flag Event Predicted on Cover on 2015 Economist Magazine

Finally, the meaning of the numbers on the arrows on the January issue of 2015 make sense.

Originally speculated to be the dates of the debt ceiling non-debate of November 3 and 5, it appears that in a slightly scrambled way, the numbers can be read as “11 -13-15”, the date of the Paris terror attack on November 13, 2015.

Coincidentally (or not) on Friday the 13th.

“Do you know where Friday the 13th comes from? Friday the 13th is when the Pope and the French g purged the top Crusaders and stole all their wealth.

The top Crusaders who escaped ran to Scotland and England and moved their headquarters out of Italy and France to England.

And that was the beginning of England becoming the dominant world empire.

So whomever ran this attack, probably real “wound up jhadis”, that were allowed to come in, attack a theater by the Eiffel Tower on Friday the 13th – in the same city where the Knights Templar were rounded up and killed on the Friday the 13th.

Now 700 years later, this happens. The origin of Friday the 13th is the Templars in ‘that city”! Was this a sick joke by ISIS , or a sick joke by the intelligence agencies funding and running these people?” states Infowars Alex Jones.

Directly to the right of the numbered arrows is a French painting, similar to the Mona Lisa, yet she is not smiling, which would make sense in light of this horrific event. I am not saying the event did not happen, but it was planned an orchestrated, like 9-11. One reason it was a false flag is because real events are not predicted on the cover of magazines like the Economist.

Notoriously noted for it’s 1980 cover of a “new currency” emerging out of the Pheonix in 2018 (look closely at the date on the gold circle pendant), one has to give credence to the writers, said to be the “elite” which are furiously trying to stage events to bring about the “New World Order”.

In light of the economic events of the last few years, one has to admit that this ‘New World” currency of 2018 could be considered a reality.

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