Vatican’s Satanic Secrets Revealed By An Illuminati Insider

 Vatican’s Satanic Secrets Revealed By An Illuminati Insider

Leo Lyon Zagami joins the guy’s for what is possibly one of the best shows to date! Leo is an author, researcher and journalist from Rome and shares his experiences of the Illuminati & their plans for a NWO, from an insiders perspective. We get into freemasonry, the illuminati, the bloodlines, Scotland and its likes to freemasonary and the knights templar, Aleister Crowley and his links to the NWO, satanic doctrine within the vatican, Putin & the NWO, Al-Baghdadi the inside man, the pope to resign in 2016 & a potential false flag nuclear attack on the vatican.

Leo talks about the various branches of Freemasonary and how they all fit into the bigger picture. We pull on his extensive knowledge of the Catholic Church to get to the bottom of the almost satanic doctrine being practiced at this time in the Vatican and at its chapels and outposts throughout the world.

We get into Putin and the fact that although he seems opposed to the NWO, we must be wary that they could all be playing a game to bring about their plans for this New World Order.

Towards the end of the show we get into the prediction the Leo is making about the current Pope, Francis…. will he step down in 2016? Worryingly, there is also a prophecy out there concerning this pope and a potential nuclear attack on the Vatican on 2017!

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LEO LYON ZAGAMI decided in 2006 to walk out from what he perceived as the criminal side of the New World Order after three years of internal conflicts he will later describe in his books. Zagami is still at present Grand Master of the Ordo illuminatorum Universaliswho are considered by many the good side of the Vatican illuminati and is an official association and Order now based in Florence (Italy) and are no longer associated since 2008, with the Montecarlo Lodge known also a the Masonic Executive Committee (MEC).

In 2006, he started a small blog that quickly became popular on the web concerning his direct involvement with the New World Order and the Secret Societies commonly known as the “Illuminati” and with the help of his journalist friend Greg Szymanski who worked years before in Rome he was the first to expose the scandals that are now clearly evident in the Vatican hierarchy. In doing so, Zagami put his own life at risk and got accused of espionage in Norway after a now very popular interview with Project Camelot. Between 2009 and 2014 Zagami became also known as an author in Europe and in Japan where he published 12 books that sold over 60 thousand copies in Japan, two of which were co-written with Benjamin Fulford and another two co-written with Princess Kaouru Nakamaru based on a variety of subjects that go from history of the secret societies and the Vatican, to geo-political matters concening the New World Order.

He started publishing in Italy in 2012 with the release of a 1,500 page trilogy called “Le Confessioni di un illuminato” entering the charts of the best-selling books in this country with all three of these highly controversial masterpieces, and creating with the release of volume three in November 2012, a book dedicated to espionage, Knights Templars and Satanism in the Vatican what some say might have become one of the main reasons for the abdication of Pope Ratzinger due to is accurate documentation and revelations. Zagami who has been in the past involved with the production of documentaries for the english web tv ENIGMA TV, now appears regularly on the popular Italian tv show “Mistero” on Italia 1 and in numerous conferences and seminars around Italy.

In 2013, he was also involved in the Italian elections but having failed to reach the necessary votes, he went back to writing and published another two books in Italy that year, one on the new pope that inspired what is now is first release for the US market and the other on the Alien/UFO subject. He has also collaborated in 2013 with well-known italian journalists Ferruccio Pinotti and Giacomo Galeazzi in drafting a chapter of their recent Best Seller “Vaticano Massone” that came out in May 2013, dedicated to the secretive world of Vatican Freemasonry. And in 2014 Leo came to the USA where he as finished writing a new book on the occult sides of music, the illuminati and Hollywood coming out in November, 2014 in Italy. Leo Lyon Zagami currently has a five-book deal with CCC Publishing.



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