If You Love Your Children, This Is Why You Should NEVER Feed Them Hotdogs Again…. EVER!

Doctors have sent this alert out to parents: STOP FEEDING YOUR KIDS HOTDOGS!!

Hot dogs are in American favorite, there’s no doubt about it. I remember having hotdogs and mac & cheese mixed up as well as hot dogs on the grill for Fourth of July.

But according to new research, kids who consume more than a dozen Hotdogs per month are nine times more likely to develop childhood leukemia.

Additionally, mothers who eat one hot dog per week during pregnancy increased their child’s likeliness of developing brain tumors later on in life.

Equally, a father who often ate hotdogs before conceiving a child also imparts a high likeliness of cancer to his child.

So what is causing this problem? NITRITE ADDITIVES.

Nitrites are an additive added to hotdogs, usually to combat botulism. During the process of cooking the dog, nitrites combined with amines that are naturally present in the meet to form N-nitroso, which is a seriously carcinogenic compound.

If you must feed your family hotdogs, look for nitrites free meats or limit the amount of hot dogs you and your family. You can also request the supermarkets begin carrying nitrite free hot dogs exclusively and lobby your local school board to ditch hotdogs that contain nitrites.

Will you still feed your kids hot dogs?



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